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Sign up to volunteer at Tinderbox 2017 HERE
Like our Facebook page for volunteers which will be updated often.

We reserve the right to screen all registrations we receive.


Please read our Rules of Engagement.
It is very important to us that you know what you can expect from us and what we expect of you.


You must be at least 18 years of age before the June 1st 2017. This is a requirement from our insurance and can not be bent in any way.


A period of effort is a period where you can/will help Tinderbox. You can choose between four different periods and you have to choose at least one of them. You can also choose more than one and then have a bigger chance of becoming a part of a team – and choose between many different teams. Our teams are defined by the periods of effort. That means that you can see which team/teams you can choose between, when you have chosen your period(s) of effort.

Before Tinderbox – approximately 24 hours of effort:
On this team you are helping us build the site and the period of effort is from the beginning June to the opening of the festival site Thursday June 22nd 2017

During Tinderbox – approximately 16 hours of effort:
This is where it all happens and where you are a part of running Tinderbox making sure our guests have the best experience. The period of effort is June 22nd to June 24th 2017.

After Tinderbox – approximately 24 hours of effort:
On this team you are helping packing the festival down. The period of effort is from the night between Saturday and Sunday (June 24th-25th) to Tuesday June 27th.

Before/After Tinderbox – approximately 24 hours of effort:
In this period of effort your shifts will normally be divided  – one shift before Tinderbox and one shift after Tinderbox. It is not every team who offers this period of effort.

Your hours of effort pr. shift will be defined and distributed by your volunteer coordinator/team leader. Expect that your hours of effort will be distributed on more than one coherent shift, unless other information i sprovided by your volunteer coordinator/team leader.


Choose the team you want to be a part of from the list, you can see based on your choices in the registration.

If your team of choice do not appear on the list of opportunities during your registration it is because:
1: The team do not match your period(s) of effort.
– Try another period.
2: The team do not exist anymore at Tinderbox or is transformed to something else.
– Choose another team.
3: The team is already filled up.
– Choose another team.


During your registration you have the opportunity to note the name of one of your friends you want to work with. It is necessary that you choose the same team to share shifts.
We can not guarantee that all volunteers at Tinderbox will have all their wishes fulfilled. Please respect that we are working with a very large puzzle – we are doing the best we can.


Your volunteer coordinator/team leader will make duty roster and make it available under your profile at RUBY. We hope to have it ready in the beginning of May.

You have to accept your duty roster in RUBY, so we are sure that you have seen it. If the acceptation is missing we are serving our right to un register and blacklist you. You accept your duty rooster under ”My Ticket” when it is ready for you.


If you need to exchange a shift it will be possible to do so in RUBY. It is your volunteer coordinator/team leader who decides, if the different teams have access to this feature. Contact your volunteer coordinator/team leader regarding any questions about exchanging shifts.


If you, in your registration, choose a team where there are free spots, you are secured a spot unless our Rules of Engagement are breached at any time. You also receive a mail after your registration is complete (if you have gotten through the registration correctly) which confirms that you are secured a spot as volunteer on Tinderbox 2017.

If you only are registrated on our waiting list then you are not guaranteed a spot before you hear more from us.


If all our teams are filled up, you have the option of joining our waiting list. This is a general list and is considered as one large pool.

You are not guaranteed a spot as a volunteer at Tinderbox by being on our waiting list and you are not able to have any influence on which team you get to be a part of. We select and allocate spots from the established requirements combined with your choice of periods of effort. This means that we do not select through “first in, first seated” and the more periods of effort you choose, the more opportunities there is for us to choose you.

If we put you on a team, you will receive a mail. Then you can login here and see which team we have located for you, as well as a contact to your volunteer coordinator/team leader.


All registrations are binding after June 12 2017.
After the 1st of June our Rules of Engagement will apply regarding late cancellation.


Please read our Rules of Engagement.
It is very important to us that you know what you can expect from us and what we expect of you.


RUBY is the name of our volunteer system.
It is a system where you log in, see your team and get the information which only concerns the volunteers at Tinderbox. RUBY is right here.

We update RUBY all the time. Do you have inputs for practical or effective features, please write us a mail.


Before your registration is accepted you need to confirm your e-mail address. After you enter you e-mail adress, you will receive a link in you mailbox. Please, click on this link. When you have clicked on the link you can go through with the registration.

If you do not receive an e-mail with this link, please see if it has landed in your spam folder.

Is this not the case, write to our technical support.


If you have forgotten your password please click on ”forgot password?” and make a new one.

If you did not forget your password then make a detailed description of how you experience the error. Send the description and your user name/e-mail address to our technical support. We will help you as quickly as possible.


Do you have any suspicions about technical errors or do you experience moodiness from RUBY?
Write a mail with a detailed description of what you experience and send it to our technical support.


Check-In for volunteers at Tinderbox is situated close to the main entrance on Falen. Follow the signs. We release your ticket to Tinderbox in the beginning of June. You can find it for download on your RUBY profile. There is also a map on your ticket, where Check-In is marked.
We exchange your ticket to a partout wristband for volunteers, which gives you access to the whole festival site every day of the festival.

Always be in good time at the site you and your volunteer coordinator/team leader agreed on everybody should meet – minimum 15 minutes before your shift begins.


Every volunteer are insured via the legal worker’s compensation. It covers personal injury – but not private things. It is, for example, your own responsibility if you take your laptop with you at Tinderbox. In addition there is a third-party insurance. It covers 3. Person injuries made by an employer while working. Announce every injury instantly to your volunteer coordinator/team leader.


There will be a wardrobe available for volunteers in the time span mentioned below. The wardrobe for volunteers lies in continuation of the wardrobe for guests between the main entrance and Volunteer Lounge. When everybody shall have the opportunity to have a jacket and a small bag in the wardrobe it is not possible to keep suitcases, big sports bags and such in the wardrobe. Make sure to keep this where you sleep.

Thursday the 22nd of June from 10:30 – 03:30
Friday the 23rd of June from 10:30 – 03:30
Saturday the 24th of June from 10:30 – 03:30

You have to pick up your things at the wardrobe every evening/night before the wardrobe closes. Otherwise it will be given to Lost Property.
Wardrobe for volunteers costs 10 DKK pr. ticket.


It is not allowed to bring your own beverage. Neither with or without alcohol. Read more in Rules of Engagement.

As a volunteer at Tinderbox you get food regarding your shifts. Yet not breakfast when we expect that you eat at home beforehand. If the food is not enough for your needs, you are welcome to bring your own food/snacks on your shifts. We recommend that you eat food at home before any of you shifts regardless which time your shift begins. You never know at what time the first lunch break is.
There will always be free water, coffee and tea regarding your shifts.


Your bike is most welcome but we do not have space for your car. We recommend everyone to use public transportation, walk or bike. If you take the car you can find more information regarding parking possibilities in Odense and around here.

There is a parking site for bikes in connection with the festival site, where you can park your bike. There will be staff at the parking site for bikes in the opening hours of Tinderbox:

Thursday the 22nd of June between 13.00-02.30
Friday the 23rd of June between 13.00-02.30
Saturday the 24th of June between 13.00-02.30

Parking is your own responsibility. It is not allowed to park bikes any other places on or around Tinderbox. It is important that you park your bike before you get your wristband/begin at your shift on the festival site. At Build Up and Packing there will be possibilities for parking your bike in the beginning of the entrance.


Tinderbox does not put sleeping possibilities at disposal. Do you need stay overnight regarding your shifts, you have to book or arrange it yourself.
We have created a group on Facebook where you can find and seek sleeping possibilities in Odense.


It is not allowed to bring sound recorders, video cameras, reflex cameras and professional photo equipment. Sound movies and video recording are not allowed. Yet you are allowed to bring small digital video cameras (pocket size) and mobile phones on the site without preceding permission.
It is forbidden to take pictures of the artists, ask for their autograph or in any other way contact them. It is very important, that we all respect their private life.


If you loose something at Tinderbox it will be handed in at lost property where we will take good care of it. Everything have to be/will be handed in at the “Afviklingskontoret” situated in ”produktionsbyen” in Tusindårsskoven.

Lost property can be collected till Wednesday the 28th of June around 17.00. All the lost property will after the 28th of June be delivered at our main office which you can contact by writing a mail to [email protected].

Describe in details what you have lost and then we will look for it and get back to you.
We store lost property up to and including the 5th of July. Thereafter we deliver everything valuable (wallets, mobile phones, keys, cash, jewels, bags and so) to Fyns Politis Hittegodskontor.
After the 5th of July all clothing will be delivered to non-profit and charible causes.

food and drinks
Allergies and special needs

If you are suffering from allergies or have other special needs that can be a challenge during the festival, it is allowed to bring some food and drinks to the festival area.

If you cannot consume the food offered on the site for health reasons, there must be evidence of this in the form of a medical certificate to be displayed at the entrance.

If you have young children and need to bring baby food or similar, this is also allowed.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] and describe your needs and we’ll find a solution!

nice to know

Children and adolescents are very welcome at Tinderbox, and there is no charge for children under the age of 12 years old, accompanied by a paying adult. There are no discount tickets available for students or adolescents. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. For security reasons, we do not recommend staying at the festival area with small children after 8 p.m.

Contact Us

Reach us at:

[email protected]

or +45 70 20 26 22
Phones are open Monday-Thursday from 1PM – 4PM and Friday from 1PM – 3PM

For questions about volunteering at Tinderbox 2016 write to:
[email protected]

Tickets and prices

See Tickets for details about ticket types and prices.

For any questions about ticket refunds we refer to our general terms of sales:
Purchase of tickets is not subject to any right of return. Accordingly, you cannot have a refund of your money. If you are prevented from attending the event, Tinderbox is unable to help you. Tickets are only refunded if the event is cancelled.

The line-up may be subject to change.

For more information contact [email protected]

Notice: We strongly advice against using black market sites such as Viagogo, who deliberately sell overpriced tickets.
When you buy a ticket from someone who is unknown to you, the ticket can in theory be either a fake or copied, which means the bar-code won’t work at the entrance. In this case you will be denied access to the festival, and Tinderbox will not be held responsible for this.
Therefore we cannot verify or be accountable for tickets, which have been purchased unofficially.

Ticket price structure Tinderbox 2017:

Early Bird
DKK 1.295,- + ticket fee. Available until July 9th 2016.

DKK 1.445,- + ticket fee. Available from September 1st 2016 to April 2nd 2017.

Partout ticket available from April 3rd 2017
DKK 1.595,- + ticket fee.

One-day ticket
DKK 995,- + ticket fee.

festival site


You can park your car at ‘Cigaren’ at Falen by Kløvermosevej (GPS coordinates: 55.386009, 10.356940).

The parking space opens on Thursday the 22nd of June at 11 am.

A parking ticket for all three days costs 160 DKK (+ ticket fee)

A parking ticket for one day costs 85 DKK (+ ticket fee)

Tickets can be purchased HERE

When purchasing a 1-day ticket the car must be collected at 3am the same day.
When purchasing a three-day ticket the car must be collected on Sunday June 25th at 12 noon.

NB. Parking is at owners risk.


You can park your car at Fyens Væddeløbsbane, Prins Haralds Alle 51B, 5250 Odense SV

This parking is very suitable for guests who are staying at the camp.

The parking space opens on Thursday the 22nd of June at 9 am.

A parking ticket for all three days costs 160 DKK (+ ticket fee)

A parking ticket for one day costs 85 DKK (+ ticket fee)

Tickets can be purchased HERE

When purchasing a 1-day ticket the car must be collected at 3am the same day.
When purchasing a three-day ticket the car must be collected on Sunday June 25th at 12 noon.

NB. Parking is at owners risk.

When is Tinderbox?

Tinderbox 2017 takes place from Thursday June 22nd to Saturday June 24th 2017.

Opening hours:
Thursday: 1 PM – 2.30AM
Friday: 12PM – 2.30AM
Saturday: 12PM – 2.30AM


Where is Tinderbox?

The Tinderbox Festival site is situated in Tusindaarsskoven in Odense. Entrance to the festival site via the intersection Kløvermosevej/Falen.

disabled info
disability companion

Disabled who can present a valid card from Danish Disability Organisations User Services are free to bring along a companion to Tinderbox. Call Billetlugen at 70 263 267 for further assistance.

First Aid

Working alongside our skilled security staff, a well-trained and competent first aid corps is attending the whole event.

Security team

We have a professionally trained security team and a corps of skilled inspectors on the festival site. At all times during the festival, they will be ready to handle any problem that might occur. You can be sure that we will do everything we can to take good care of our guests.


It is strictly forbidden to:
Block exits or corridors directing people away from festival.
Push and jostle especially in front of the stage.
Crowd surf.
Stage dive.
Throw objects, beers, or the like.

Violation will result in immediate expulsion.

Animals are not permitted at the festival area.

Food and drinks
It is not allowed to bring food and drinks into the festival site. There will be a varied selection of food and drinks in bars and food stalls, and water posts placed within the festival site.

Photo & Video
It is not allowed to bring tape recorders, camcorders or professional photo cameras. Audio and video recording is not permitted. Only small digital video cameras (pocket size) and cell phones are allowed on the site. SLR Cameras are not allowed. If you want to photograph for media purposes, you are welcome to apply for accreditation. We do not allow cameras to individuals because of restrictions from international artists, as it is disruptive to our audience with too many cameras during the concerts.

Tents and chairs
Setting up tents, tables, chairs and the likes is not permitted for safety reasons, neither is it allowed to bring flags, pennants, banners etc. There will be seating to find at the festival site.

If you are pregnant or have special needs we encourage you to take a blanket or sleeping mat with you.

It is not allowed to bring, sell, or use drugs at the festival. Trying to will result in immediate expulsion and police notification.

If you see someone who is ill, depressed, afraid, or perhaps under the influence of drugs, don’t hesitate to contact a festival employee who’ll do anything to help.

Weapons are strictly forbidden and will result in immediate expulsion and police notification.

Open fire
Open fire as well as bringing a barbeque grill is prohibited at Tinderbox.

Where words fail,
music speaks.

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